Our Clan Chief

The Earl of Sutherland

Alistair, Earl of Sutherland and Gillian, Countess of Sutherland

Alistair Charles St. Clair Sutherland, 25th Earl of Sutherland, born 1947, is the eldest son of the late Elizabeth Millicent, Countess of Sutherland. He is married to Gillian, Countess of Sutherland. Lord Sutherland has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. His only son Alexander Charles Robert Sutherland is Lord Strathnaver. The Earl or Countess of Sutherland is also the Chief of Clan Sutherland.


Lord and Lady Strathnaver

The Countess’s eldest son and heir to the ancient Earldom of Sutherland is Alistair Charles St. Clair Sutherland, Lord Strathnaver.