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Homecoming celebrations have been held in Scotland throughout the year to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the poet Robert Burnsí birth in 1759. The Clan Sutherland Society in Scotland hosted a gathering of Sutherlands to coincide with "The Gathering 2009", an international gathering of Scottish Clans at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh in July.

Clan Sutherland Society in Scotland greeted 83 guests from around the world on Friday afternoon, July 24th, followed by their AGM and a buffet reception in the St. Leonard's Hall of the University of Edinburgh.

  The Gathering 2009

The Welcoming Committee, Left to right: Dr. Linda Sutherland originally of the USA, Mrs. Isabel Bonner of Golspie, Sutherland, Ms. Marion Cowden of New Zealand, and Ms. Jean Sutherland of Glasgow, Scotland.

Clan Sutherland Society of North America President George W. "Bill" Sutherland giving his report at the Annual General Meeting.
Jeanie Sutherland, president of
The Clan Sutherland Society in Scotland,
with Lord and Lady Strathnaver.

Bob Sutherland from Massachusetts in the queue for the buffet meal after the AGM in Edinburgh.

The Attendees Left The Attendees Right

On Saturday, Prince Charles, known as Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Rothesay met representatives form the clans, walked the field meeting the public, and opened the 'games' at noon. This was a treat for everyone there as they walked slowly towards the arena for the opening ceremony. During the day in the games field not only field and track events took place, but many other entertainments were going on. For one, the "Red Hot Chilli Pipers" made a feet stomping impression for young and old. Various "taste of Scotland" food items were being displayed and sold while the piping competition droned and the Highland dancers trod the boards. An estimated 47,000 people attended the Highland Games on Saturday. Probably at least a thousand came to the Clan Sutherland tent that day.

A view of the clan marquees and standards that some clans had up over their tents. St Giles Cathedral is in the background.
Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves in the tent.
At 88, the Countess was unable to be in Edinburgh for the parade, in the evening of Saturday, July 24, 2009. But her son, Lord Strathnaver, and the Countessís standard were leading the clan at the start of the Royal Mile parade. Arthur's Seat, at the base of Holyrood Palace Park, is in the background. Two hours later, we were still walking in the parade of clans for the homecoming of people from around the world.
As our name is Sutherland, we are near the end in alphabetical order, so many clans had passed the Royal Mile before we got there almost two hours later. Crowds came out to greet those who came home to Scotland for this celebration.
The event included a special Clan Pageant held on the magnificent Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.
A party of Sutherlands from the gathering also toured 2009 in Scotland the famous Grouse distillery, the oldest distillery in Scotland.

In 2007, for the first time, the Clan Sutherland Society of North America's Annual General Meeting was not held in conjunction with Highland Games. Instead, there was a gathering in Acme, Washington for a Sutherland Summer Ceilidh.

Clan Sutherland Society of North America 2007 Summer Ceilidh
Members of the Clan Sutherland Society of North America at
the 2007 Annual General Meeting and Sutherland Summer Ceilidh in Acme, WA.

There were about 125 in attendance that day, from Alaska, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oregon, California, Arizona and Canada. By all accounts, it could not have been better!

The event was held in a wooded setting, and featured dancers Kyra Sutherland (11) of Washington and Jesse Sutherland (12) of North Carolina, the Bellingham Pipe Band, the popular Celtic band Maggie's Fury, musicians Anna Schaad and David MacVittie, and a fireworks display. The event concluded with those in attendance joining in a rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

Bellingham Pipe Band
Peter Rolstadt and the Bellingham Pipe Band
performing one of many tunes.
CSSNA Officers, Regional Commissioners, Executive Staff
Back row (left to right):
John Sutherland, President,
Robert Sutherland, NE Commissioner,
Gene Sutherland, NW Commissioner,
Robert Sutherland, Jr., Treasurer
Front row (left to right):
George Sutherland, Vice-President,
Barbara Sutherland, Secretary,
Sharron Oswald, Canada Commissioner,
Jilyna Dick, Newsletter Editor.

A Clan Sutherland Society gathering was hosted by the Atlantic Association of Clan Sutherland in conjunction with the International Gathering of Scottich Clans in Halifax, Nova Scotia in July 2007.

Highlights included Seeing the 78th Highland Regiment parade, pipe and demonstrate artillery at The Citadel, one of Canada's most visited national historic sites, a reception at City Hall, hosted by The Hororable Peter J. Kelly, Mayor of Halifax, the Royal International Nova Scotia Tattoo, Highland Games, a barbeque, and a visit to the Hector, a reconstruction of an emigrant ship to leave Scotland that arrived in Pictou in September 1773.

Halifax, Nova Scotia   Tattoo in Halifax
Halifax, Nova Scotia   Tattoo in the Metro Centre
The Hector   Sutherlands on board
The Ship Hector   Sutherlands on the Hector
With the Mayor   Parade of Clans
Sutherlands with mayor of
Halifax, Peter Kelly (center)
  The Parade of Clans at
the Highland Games

A Clan Sutherland Gathering was held September 7 through 10, 2005 in Sutherland, Scotland. The schedule of events included Massed pipe bands at Dunrobin Castle, day trips, a Dunrobin Castle Garden Party, a tour of Glenmorangie Distillery, the Gathering Ball at Dunrobin Castle and a luncheon at the Dornoch Castle Hotel.

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An international gathering of Clan Sutherland was hosted by the Clan Sutherland Society of North America on October 15-19, 2003. The event was held in conjunction with Stone Mountain Games in Atlanta, Georgia. The events included a formal dinner with entertainment and a presentation by Rt. Hon. Robin Blair, Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Scotland.

Clan Sutherland Dinner
Group photograph at the Clan Sutherland dinner
Jack and Lord Lyon   A Scottish Visitor
John Sutherland Pierce, president,
Clan Sutherland Society of North America
and Rt. Hon. Robin Blair,
Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Scotland
  Attendee from Scotland
Jean Sutherland
at the Clan Sutherland tent

Scotland 2001

Officers of the Clan Sutherland Society of North America
Andrew Sutherland, secretary CSSNA, John Sutherland, Vice President CSSNA,
Lord Alistair Strathnaver, and John Sutherland Pierce, president CSSNA
In the library of Dunrobin Castle in September 2001

In September 2001, the Clan Sutherland Society of Scotland hosted an international gathering of Sutherlands. The event was attended by Sutherlands from Australia, Austria, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Switzerland, the United States and a Clan Sutherland pipe band from Germany.

Activities included a day trip north to Orkney to see Skara Brae, the Italian Chapel, Ring of Brodgar, St. Magnus, Scapa Flow and other sites. There was a tour and a dinner dance at Dunrobin Castle, parade of pipe bands, a ceilidh at Carnegie Hall, genealogy seminar, a church service and more. The gathering was a delightful event, and we Sutherlands in North America would like to thank the Clan Sutherland Society of Scotland for being such marvelous hosts.

Dancing at Dunrobin   Pipe bands at Dunrobin
Dancing at Dunrobin   Pipe bands at Dunrobin
Services at Dornoch Cathedral   A Clan Sutherland luncheon
Services at Dornoch Cathedral   A Clan Sutherland luncheon